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Just Eco

Our Philosophy

At Just Eco we have a passion for timber and are specialists in all things recycled timber. We focus on removing and salvaging timber from sites all across Australia to create custom pieces of recycled timber flooring, joinery, decking and cladding. Our team at Just Eco are committed to working with customers and clients to integrate timber pieces that complement and enhance any scale project. By salvaging timber from all across Australia we aim to conserve the environment, reducing waste and repurposing timber to give it a second life.

Our History

The Gunn Family have worked in the timber industry for over three generations and throughout this time their passion for timber and commitment to sustainability have only grown. Just Eco was founded in 2013 by childhood friends Jason Winderlich, Dwayne Gunn, Dylan Gun and Michael Gunn.  Inspired by their childhood on farms in Gippsland their passion for salvaging timber and repurposing it created the foundation for Just Eco and remains our core principle.

Environmentally Conscious

At Just Eco we pride ourselves on environmentally sustainable practices that ensure the health and safety of our environment. Just Eco are proud supporters of the conservation and protection of Australian forests and natural areas. Using recycled timber products reduces carbon emission through continued carbon storage and also assists to conserve forests.

Timber Species


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